Around 80% of the products listed in our catalog are produced in house. Maxwel employs 220 people as of in June 2012 .Our manufacturing unit is equipped with the latest machineries. Given below is a brief overview of the machineries available with us in our manufacturing unit.



· Automatic Plastic Injection Moulding Machines

· CNC Turning, Traub and Milling Machines

· Plastic Extrusion Machines

· Pneumatic and Hydraulic Power Press

· Mould Design and Manufacturing (AutoCAD and CATIA)

· Lathe Machines

· Metal Casting

· Arc Welding Equipment

· Leister Plastic Welding Machine

· Vertical Milling and Radial Drilling Machines

· Shapers

· Pipe and Tube Bending Machines

· Powder Coating and Electroplating

· Paint Shop

· Sublimation printing, Pad printing and Screen Printing

· Automatic Printing Machine

· Fully Equipped Stitching department

· Overlocking machines for Sports nets

· Forethread Machines

· Infrared Drying machines with conveyor belts

· Blister Packaging Unit

· Conveyor type Needle Detectors

· Magnetic Particle : Castings Inspection Machine

· Long Pole 360 Screen printing Machine

· Brinell Hardness testing machine

· Izod impact testing machine

· Pattren making, designing and plaotting using AutoCad

· Statistical Quality control method

· Forecasting systems