Why Us

Having worked with some of the world's most renowed brands and a wide range of businesses, we have gained a valuable experinece, which eventually helps us in understanding our customer's priorities, their brand positioning and their vendor's compliance requirements. 


 1. CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PRODUCT TESTING: The company’s management is dedicated to the buyer’s progress, quality and delivery expectations and satisfaction. Each buyer is assigned a merchandiser and a quality controller who will in touch with him or her throughout the processing. The quality management systems are certified by ISO 9001:2000 and the social accountability is in compliance with SA 8000:2008. Most of the company’s fast selling products are EN-71/1,2,3 (CE), CPSIA and IAAF certified.


2. PRODUCTION PLANNING: In order to improve the lead-time, we have recently introduced a Finite Capacity Scheduling System (FCS) to assist us with planning and sequencing of the orders in a predetermined manner.Our qualified operations staff has undergone the training to optimize manufacturing process in order to reduce the production time. 


3.ORDER TRACEABILITY: Since there are many orders that are produced simultaneously in our factory, we realize that it is important to be able to trace the orders on line as well as off-line. While off line is always time consuming, our on-line traceability helps us to trace the orders anytime during the production.


With the help of our packaging style, we can track every outgoing product lot or shipment. If there is any variation in the quality of any particular lot, we can trace the specific lot in question using our records and labels. This in turn helps us in taking the corrective and preventive actions immediately.